They say that good software makes the impossible possible and the easy elegant. Or something like that.

From 9–5, I transform brilliant ideas into beautiful software. I see it as a way to help bring out the best in people by giving them tools to do things they otherwise couldn’t do. (Technology is great that way.) What you do with that newfound ability or the time it frees up is another question entirely, and one I want to help people more fully answer someday.

Here, I blog about personal growth and productivity. In the spirit of “learn it, do it, teach it”, I’ve decided to share what I learn as I go. Please do the same.

I write about once a week, though you’ll find more if you follow me on Twitter. You can also subscribe to my posts via RSS.

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What People Are Saying

Bite-sized, actionable info that you can directly apply while using OmniFocus. … You’ll also discover a slew of practical productivity tips and tricks for GTD.

A wealth of info and excellent writing has made this site a “must add” to my RSS feed.

You have one of the coolest first names, ever. You should be a superhero.

I wish you luck, love, and laughter. And if you’re the person from whom I first heard that trio: thanks.