I’m not going to share your personal information with third parties.

Like most websites, the server does log that you were here. I use that information to identify which content you find the most interesting so I can provide more content like it and make this site more useful to you. I also look at things like the operating system (OS X or Windows), web browser (Safari or Chrome), and type of device you’re using (computer, phone, or tablet) to make decisions about the design of the site. This information is only used in the aggregate and is not tied to any individual.

If you do not want your experience enhanced through the use of client-side javascript and cookies, you can disable those features in your browser’s settings.

If you sign up for my email newsletter, I collect your first name and email address. The email address is kind of necessary. I use your first name to personalize some of the emails I send you; it’s optional, but you may occasionally get emails that start off “Good morning, !”.

I currently use MailChimp to manage my newsletter. They handle the mechanics of the emails I send you. When you sign up for my newsletter, they’re the ones who remember your name and email address for me. You can unsubscribe at any time. When I’m going to be sending several emails on a specific offer, I’ll set it up so you can stop receiving emails about that offer but still receive my regular newsletter. When that’s the case, I’ll try to make it clear in the language at the bottom of the email.

Some of the links I share on this site are affiliate or referral links, including Amazon Affiliate links. When you click one of these links and purchase or register for a product or service, I will receive a small commission, discount, or service credit. I only recommend products that I personally find useful or think you might find interesting. If you make a purchase or sign up for something, it helps me cover the costs of this website. (Thanks!)

For most products and services, I’ll never know that you bought something or signed up. I get a PayPal deposit for $1.77 and that’s it. Some services send me an email confirmation that says, “Your friend just signed up!” When I get those, I smile, give you a mental high-five, and then delete the notice.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice, but I’m always going to show you the same respect I’d want to be shown if I were visiting your site. You’re my guests here. I appreciate the trust you’re showing me by spending time here, and I don’t want to violate that trust.