How Creative Procrastination Sneaks Up On You

We can recognize procrastination when it comes at us head-on. Sometimes, it sneaks up on us and catches us by surprise.

How to Improve Your Habits by Changing What’s Normal

Three groups influence our habits, attitudes, and behavior more than any other: the Close, the Many, and the Powerful.

How to Set Up an Unstoppable Scanning Station

A scanner is only one of the tools you need for effective scanning. Here’s what you should have on hand so you won’t have to stop until you’re finished.

The Right Advice at the Wrong Time is the Wrong Advice

Laws are universal. Principles are how we apply a law to get a desired effect. Practices are highly situational.

How Do You Make Time to Automate?

Automation saves time, but it takes time, too. Here’s how to make the time to get started.

Is Something Draining Your Energy and Focus in the Background?

If you’re doing it right, Inbox Zero will free your mind to focus on more important things.

Is Planning Every Day the Wrong Approach?

It frequently takes me several days to work through a daily plan. Is that really such a bad thing?

Hey, Colter! I need help with…

Daily Productivity

Life comes at you fast. Here’s how to get things done so you can spend more time, attention, and energy on what matters most to you.

Being My Best Self

This time next year, will you be wiser, more thoughtful, and living a life you dream of? Or just a year older? Always take time to sharpen the saw.

Using OmniFocus

OmniFocus is the task manager I recommend for macOS and iOS. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

How to Achieve Your Goals—Digitally

It’s easy to set a goal. To achieve it, you need to keep track of a lot of details. In The Digital Goal Domination Guide, I’ll show you how you can reach your goals using OmniFocus and Evernote. Get more done this year than you ever thought possible!

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