How to Automate Your Day with a Morning Routine

The golf swing is a miraculous feat. There are so many variables, it’s a minor miracle that it ever comes together. There’s so much to think about. How you hold the club. Where you stand relative to the club. Path of the club in the backswing. Where the backswing...

Are You Focused on the Pony or its Aftermath?

One of Ronald Reagan’s favorite jokes speaks volumes about how our expectations influence our experiences.

How to Minimize the Time you Waste Waiting

Try to do something else while you wait. Anything else. It’s one of the few opportunities we have to truly multitask.

Do You Trust Yourself to Get a Job Done?

If you had a friend who told you they’d be there to help you move on Saturday then didn’t show up, how would you feel? Once, fine. Things happen. Every time? You’re not going to trust them any more. They’ve overdrawn the account. They might be there for the good...

What Are You Bringing to the Barbecue?

Everyone can bring something to the table. Your job is to help everyone make the greatest contribution they can.

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

When one paycheck doesn’t last until the next one comes in, you’re going to be stressed about money. Here’s how to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, stabilize your cash flow, and start taking control of your finances.

Why You Must Claim Your Time First

Do you give everyone else first claim on your time? You’re setting yourself up for failure and frustration. Claim your time first and you’ll be in a better position to help others.

Hey, Colter! I need help with…

Daily Productivity

Life comes at you fast. Here’s how to get things done so you can spend more time, attention, and energy on what matters most to you.

Being My Best Self

This time next year, will you be wiser, more thoughtful, and living a life you dream of? Or just a year older? Always take time to sharpen the saw.

Using OmniFocus

OmniFocus is the task manager I recommend for macOS and iOS. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

How to Achieve Your Goals—Digitally

It’s easy to set a goal. To achieve it, you need to keep track of a lot of details. In The Digital Goal Domination Guide, I’ll show you how you can reach your goals using OmniFocus and Evernote. Get more done this year than you ever thought possible!

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