Should You Separate Personal and Professional Tasks?

Build a better planner by separating concerns.

Your trusted system needs to cover every aspect of your life. If it can’t handle everything you throw at it, you won’t trust it to handle anything.

Many people will get by just fine with a single system that will track all of their tasks, goals, projects, calendar, and notes. But for a lot of people, having everything in a single system like that can be distracting. For some, it might even be illegal, or at least a bad idea.

Designing your system to keep personal and professional tasks separate can actually give you a better system overall.

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Embrace the Freedom of Missing Out

Think of missing out as creating margin in your life.

Over 2,600 hours of new podcast content is published every day. That’s 110 seconds of content produced every second.

Now, I love listening to podcasts while I walk or drive. They’re a phenomenal way to stay up-to-date. I subscribe to about thirty podcasts, but I don’t listen to every episode. I can’t devote 35–40 hours (over a fifth of my week) to staying current on every one.

By consciously choosing to miss out on some of the episodes—no matter how good they are—I’m giving myself the freedom to fill that time with something better.

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Can Your Watch Answer These Practical Questions?

Eleven Questions I Regularly Throw at My Apple Watch

One of the hot topics in personal computing today is wearables, specifically smart watches (other ideas haven’t really taken off).

I got an Apple Watch when they were first released. I had some specific ideas of how it could help me get more done with less friction. Other uses would present themselves as I got used to it and new apps were released.

It didn’t take long before my Watch was an integral part of my productivity system. Here are the top eleven questions I’ve started using my Watch to answer as I go through my day.

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The 15-Yard Penalty That Will Strengthen Your Character

When you knock them down, help them to their feet.

I’ve been a Broncos fan as long as I can remember. It started out as cheering for the underdog. Then they won Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII and they weren’t the underdogs any more. They’ve had good years and bad years. Win or lose, they’re my team. (Though, of course, I prefer it when they win.)

Like any good fan, I’ll yell at the refs when they get a call wrong and accuse them of favoritism. I’ll cheer when luck turns against the other team—and when luck goes our way? Why, that wasn’t luck—we were prepared and we were ready!

When there’s incontrovertible proof of an infraction against us, I’ll begrudgingly accept the penalty. But this week, I cried foul before the ref ever reached for the flag. I was glad they saw it and called it against us.

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10 Simple Ways to Conquer Your Drive

Driving is an Important Task. Have you planned for it?

Driving is a task. You may not think about it much, but we spend 101 minutes every day driving.

If you’re the one behind the wheel, driving is your primary task at the moment. Like any task, the amount of preparation and attention you give it will affect how quickly and efficiently you finish.

Here are ten tips to help you drive more productively.

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