How to Regulate the Fight-or-Flight Response

Our brains have a natural fight-or-flight response designed to keep us alive. Sometimes it kicks in when it shouldn’t. Here’s how to reset your response.

How to Get Unstuck with an Icebreaker Task

If you’re having trouble getting started on a task, look for the smallest action you can take to break the ice. Working on a project gets easier once it’s been started.

How to Displace the Good in Your Life to Make Room for Something Better

Nature abhors a vacuum. If you take something away, something else has to move in to take its place. Nature also doesn’t like two things occupying the same place at the same time. In order for something to come in, whatever is currently there has to move out. It...

Which Planner Layout is Right For You?

We need our planner to track some combination of tasks, appointments, and notes. Here’s a look at some common planner layouts to suit different needs.

How to Make Decisions that Take You in the Right Direction

You have a destination you’re working towards. If you consistently make decisions that take you in the right direction, you’ll get there.

What Will You Not Do Today?

One of the best things you can do to free up your schedule and protect your margin is to acknowledge that there are some things you are simply not going to do today.

Why You’ll Do Better Work if You’re Distracted

“Focus” is almost synonymous with productivity, but distraction will help you do some of your best work.

Hey, Colter! I need help with…

Daily Productivity

Life comes at you fast. Here’s how to get things done so you can spend more time, attention, and energy on what matters most to you.

Being My Best Self

This time next year, will you be wiser, more thoughtful, and living a life you dream of? Or just a year older? Always take time to sharpen the saw.

Using OmniFocus

OmniFocus is the task manager I recommend for macOS and iOS. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

How to Achieve Your Goals—Digitally

It’s easy to set a goal. To achieve it, you need to keep track of a lot of details. In The Digital Goal Domination Guide, I’ll show you how you can reach your goals using OmniFocus and Evernote. Get more done this year than you ever thought possible!

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