How to Secure Sensitive Documents with an Encrypted Disk Image

Want to level up the safety of your most sensitive documents? Encrypted disk images give you a secure place to store your files.

How to Stand and Conquer Your Reality

You’ve already decided how you’re going to respond in most situations. Those decisions shape your actions, which in turn shape your reality.

What Should You Do About a Large Tax Refund?

Mathematically, you shouldn’t get a large tax refund. But personal finance is more about behavior than math.

The One Project You Can’t Put Off When You’re Sick

No matter how much you have going on when you’re sick, there’s one thing you need to do. Clear the decks.

How to Lay Out Your Ideal Week

There’s no need to create your weekly schedule from scratch. Once you figure out how you work best, use that as the starting point for each week.

How to Shift the Default Action to Your Favor

We often make decisions ahead of time without realizing it. When the decision point comes, we’ve already chosen the outcome that will happen without further action.

How to Digitally Archive Your Paper Planner

If you use a paper planner, you inevitably run into one fatal question: What do I do with a planner once it’s full? Here’s how to keep those old planners around without buying them their own bookcase.

Hey, Colter! I need help with…

Daily Productivity

Life comes at you fast. Here’s how to get things done so you can spend more time, attention, and energy on what matters most to you.

Being My Best Self

This time next year, will you be wiser, more thoughtful, and living a life you dream of? Or just a year older? Always take time to sharpen the saw.

Using OmniFocus

OmniFocus is the task manager I recommend for macOS and iOS. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

How to Achieve Your Goals—Digitally

It’s easy to set a goal. To achieve it, you need to keep track of a lot of details. In The Digital Goal Domination Guide, I’ll show you how you can reach your goals using OmniFocus and Evernote. Get more done this year than you ever thought possible!

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