Planning the Day

The Ivy Lee Method: Simply Productive

Productivity doesn’t need to be complicated! Write down what you need to do. You’ll get more done with more satisfaction and less stress.

ABC Prioritizing

At the very least, write down your tasks in order of importance. Then decide which tasks are critical to get done, which you expect to get done, and which can wait if they need to.

Consistent, intentional choices reshape your reality.

Tasks that will Change Your Reality

Try to accomplish three tasks every day that will have an impact on your goals. These are the tasks that will move you forward instead of spinning your wheels.

The Best Start to Your Day is a Running Start

Don’t start your day by facing your biggest, most challenging task—it can be demoralizing and lead to procrastination. Start off with three quick wins to build some momentum.

Get Past the Frog

After the quick wins, you do need to face that big, challenging task. You’ll feel better once you get it out of the way.

Structuring Your Day

Deep Work and Breakout Blocks

Plan larger blocks of time where you can dive deep on your most important work without interruptions. Set aside time to step out and do something completely different.


Deciding which completed task means you win for the day creates freedom to enjoy time.

What’s Your Win Condition?

You can do anything you want, but not everything. At what point can you declare victory? What do you need to do if you won’t get there?

Making it Through the Day

Step Away from Your Desk

We’re not designed to sit (or stand) at a desk all day. Stepping away from your desk is a great break that keeps your mind sharp and improves your circulation.

Talk to the Duck

When you’re stuck, talk the problem through with someone. Even if they can only offer a sympathetic ear, it may help you clarify your thinking and solve the problem.

The Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro Method breaks the day into 20–25-minute blocks with a 5–10-minute break in between. It helps you keep your energy up as you move between tasks.