How to Overcome Regret and Actually Be Happy

Get More Decisions Right and Worry Less About the Ones You Get Wrong

If you ask people what they want most in life, you’re going to get a bunch of different answers. If you keep asking why, you’ll notice a common theme: happiness. They may have a thousand ideas on what that looks like and how to get there, but at the end of the day, they want to be happy.

Now ask them if they’re happy now. Some will be. They know what they want, their ducks are lined up, and they just need to keep working the plan. They’ll get there.

Others are so weighed down with the morass of their daily life that they’ve lost the vision of what they’re capable of. They’ve lost the path and don’t know that they can ever make it back. In a word, they’re giving up on their dreams because they’re anchored to the past with regret.

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How to Take a Sick Day Like a Boss

Five things you should do after calling in sick.

As you’re getting ready for bed, you suddenly realize you’re more tired than you should be. When you wake up, last night’s fatigue has become this morning’s cold.

You’re sick. Whether it’s just a little congestion or you’re flat on your back, the next few days aren’t going to go as planned.

Sweats it is. That couch looks so comfortable, and that tub of Tillamook ice cream is calling your name. You text your team to let them know you’re taking a sick day.

Now what, productivity warrior? If you stop here, you’re going to come back to a backlog of work that built up while you were gone. It’s enough to make you sick to your stomach, if you aren’t already.

Would you rather come back to a clean slate, well-rested and ready to go? Here are five more things you might want to do before you collapse on the couch.

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The One Liberating Truth About Mistakes

It’s the difference between being paralyzed with fear and being free to act.

When you think of “mistake”, what do you think of?

Personally, I think of red. Red ink all over an assignment, marking all the mistakes—all the incorrect answers, misspelled words, and misplaced commas.

Maybe you think of regret. Something you never should have done. “Well, that was a mistake…”

Making a mistake means you have to admit you were wrong. You have to make amends. You have to backtrack and do rework or move forward with a less-than-optimal solution and live with it.

Mistakes have a lot of negative things associated with them. But there’s a dirty little secret about mistakes that I’m going to let you in on. And a liberating truth that will set you free.

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The Best (and Worst) Gear to Keep In Your Car

Could you survive the night with what’s in your trunk?

When I was in college, I had to spend the night in my car. In the mountains. In the snow. I even got to play host.

A couple of us had gone into the mountains for the day, intending it to be a day trip. Except I pulled just a little too far off the road, and we got stuck.

If you got stranded where you are now (if you’re at home, think of the last place you were out running errands), could you survive the night?

Not every scenario is going to be life-or-death. The equipment you have in your car can make the difference between a minor inconvience, a major nuisance, or taking the unexpected completely in stride. It’s the third level of your everyday carry.

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