8 Ways to Increase Productivity in the Shower

Be Ready When Inspiration Strikes

by Colter Reed
2:07 read (647 words)
by Colter Reed
2:07 read (647 words)

Whether you take a 2-minute shower or turn the bathtub into a luxurious home spa, the shower presents an interesting productivity situation. Your primary task is to get clean. Once you start your shower routine, however, your mind will start to turn elsewhere.

Maybe you get bored, mentally tapping your foot until you’re done. Maybe inspiration strikes, but your trusted Moleskine notebook is on your desk. Neither of these represents an effective use of your time, even though you’re still accomplishing one of your critical tasks for the day. You can do better.

Here are eight suggestions for how you can supercharge your time in the shower to get a productive start to your day.

  • Audiobooks and podcasts. The shower is a great place to read. Learn new skills, gain new insights, or catch up on the morning news. I use a Grace Digital ECOXBT waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It’s rugged and very solidly built.
  • Crayons. My wife got me a set of bathtub crayons for Christmas a couple of years ago. “I know you like to write things down so you can forget them.” (She’s a keeper.) Bright, colorful, and they wipe right off when you’re done. Never forget an inspired thought or dance step again.
  • Cold showers. Taking cold showers can increase your energy, improve your circulation, and strengthen your immune system. Personally, I prefer to skip the cold ending to a James Bond Shower, but it can be an invigorating way to kick start your day.
  • Memorizing. The shower is a great place to memorize quotes, scriptures, hymns, lines, or poetry. Use a sealable page protector to keep the paper dry (or laminate it).
  • Affirmations. Your attitude is a key leading indicator not only of your success in life, but of how well your day is going to go. With a positive mindset, problems become opportunities, setbacks are lessons to learn, and a job well done is success well earned. Start your day with a personal pep talk.
  • Singing. It’s hard to beat the acoustics in the shower. Mainly, it’s the hard surfaces in a small space, but you’re also breathing nice, moist air and you’re relaxed. Let loose your inner diva/divo and perfect that rich vibrato!
  • Quiet time with no distractions. Some days, the shower may be one of the few places where you aren’t getting interrupted and have a chance to think. Use the time to clear your head, brainstorm, or plan the rest of your day.
  • Get in, get out, get on with your day. Of course, the best way to be productive in the shower is to quickly and efficiently accomplish your primary objective: get clean. Pick up a shower caddy to keep everything handy and within reach. Have a routine so that when you suddenly come back from being lost in thought, it’s easier to figure out where you left off.

One final word of advice: know how much hot water you have. An unexpected blast of cold water can quickly divert your attention. If inspiration strikes, you might need to turn off the water as you scribble your magnum opus in crayon on the shower wall.

Question: How do you use your time in the shower effectively? This is a family-friendly blog, so remember to keep it clean! Share your thoughts in the comments, on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.