Are Dirty Lenses Blurring Your Perception of the World?

Clear perception is the first step towards an effective response.

I’ve worn glasses for a couple years now. In some ways, I’m still getting used to them. Like just how quickly they build up dirt.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to put them on and noticed some spots on the lenses that needed cleaned off. I grabbed a clean cloth, started wiping, and couldn’t believe how much dirt came off! It was a little unsettling.

I had no idea that my glasses had built up that much gunk. For the most part, I could see through them just fine. It was only when I took them off and looked at them instead of through them that I was able to see just how dirty they were.

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How to Process PDFs Faster with Custom Services

How to send PDFs anywhere as soon as they’re created.

A large part of going paperless means replacing tree-based paper with digital paper—PDFs. They take less space to file, are much more searchable, and don’t cause paper cuts.

OS X has great built-in support for working with PDFs. Any application that can print can create a PDF. The built-in Preview app is a great tool for marking up PDFs. Safari has built-in support for viewing PDFs, so you don’t need to install a plugin. Even iBooks will let you add PDFs to your digital bookshelf.

One trick that will really streamline your digital paper workflow is to take a PDF from one application and immediately open it in another app. Here’s how.

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Are You Doing More Than You Need to be Effective?

If you don’t overdo it, you could get more done.

In order to score a touchdown, the ball just needs to “break the plane” of the end zone. As soon as any part of the ball crosses into the space above the goal line, it counts. Danny Trevathan learned this the hard way. Joique Bell did it right.

This is an example of the Minimum Effective Dose, a pharmacological term Tim Ferris popularized in The Four-Hour Body (Amazon, iBooks). He gave the example of boiling water: water boils at 212ºF. Heating it to 213º doesn’t make it “more boiled”—it just wastes energy and resources that could be spent somewhere else.

I just came across another example of this in Ashlee Vance’s biography of Elon Musk (Amazon, iBooks).

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What Does Your Week Look Like?

One small change can make your calendar much more helpful

As a kid, I loved navigating during long road trips. First with a fifty-state road atlas, then with those foldable state maps you pick up at the tourist info centers they have just inside the state line. I learned a lot about geography pouring over those.

Today, navigation is GPS and the Maps app on your smartphone. Instead of a static representation that we need to track our progress across, we have turn-by-turn directions, and the map follows us as we move. We always know right where we are in a changing landscape.

Unfortunately, many of us are still using a view of the week that’s closer to a folding map than a GPS. If we’re not careful, we can miss a turn and get lost.

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